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Want to rent the Township Hall?

Contact the Supervisor below for more information.

Elected Officials

The elected officials for the Township of Greenbush meets on the second Tuesday of every month for the purpose of conducting the General Business of the Township.

The Business Meeting is held at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building located at 5039 Campbell Street in Greenbush, Michigan.

The Board accepts public comments at these meetings.

C. Lee Major


2600 W. Cedar Lake Road
Greenbush, MI. 48738
(989) 724-6071
eMail Lee

Mark Parent


5130 Timberlakes Blvd N.
Greenbush, MI. 48738
(989) 739-7706

Shannon Story


P.O. Box 9
Greenbush, Michigan 48738
(989) 569-3519
eMail Shannon

Steve Franks


2900 Cedar Lake Road
Greenbush, Michigan 48738
(989) 984-7472

eMail Steve

Pat Dailey


3843 S. US~23 | P.O. Box 8
Greenbush, Michigan 48738
(989) 739-5088
eMail Pat

William Beatty

Constable / Liquor Inspector

4968 Huron Cedar Road
Greenbush, Michigan 48738

Other Officials

Steve Franks

Fire Chief

2900 W. Cedar Lake Road
Greenbush, Michigan 48738
(989) 984-7472
eMail Steve

Contact Supervisor or Clerk

Zoning Admin / Code Enforcement

Contact Supervisor or Clerk

We do not have a Zoning Administrator at this time.
All Zoning ordinances are still in effect and should be followed.
We are actively looking for a Zoning Administrator, position is immediately available. Law enforcement background is recommended, but not required.
Letters of Intent may be sent to P.O. Box 9, Greenbush, MI. 48738 or dropped in Clerk’s box at 5070 Woodland Drive, Greenbush, MI. 48738.
Questions can be directed to C. Lee Major,, 989-724-6071 or Shannon Story,, 989-569-3519.

Miscellaneous Information:

FIRE AND/OR EMERGENCY: 911/911/(989) 724-0911

County Commissioner: Carolyn Brummund (989) 739-5353
Assessor: Nancy Schwickert (989) 736-7689
County Building Inspector: Harry Harvey (989) 724.9440
County Health Department: (989) 724-6757
Sheriff Department: (989) 724-6271